GDPR, Facebook, CA, and Talent Acquisition


The new GDPR Benchmark report brings some interesting points to the surface. The fastest growing concern for executives today is the "enhanced individual rights" and the "restriction on profiling."

GDPR concerns

In the light of Facebook's diverted usage of 87 million user profiles, chances are that these concerns will even increase.  It is clear that user behaviors on a social media site do not give the site legitimate consent to use that user's data for political messages.  Now, it can become very challenging given that "selling" user profiles for advertisement is the bread and butter of social media sites.  
Living in the San Francisco Bay Area, I often meet people working at social media companies.  I can tell you, they know way more about you than you think.  It may be time for your organization to start considering how your candidates are being processed.  At Checkster, we have taken GDPR seriously.  We invite you to come and see how our interviewing and reference checking processes can help you while respecting GDPR.