Fake News & the Impact on Talent Acquisition


A leader from a F500 TA company recently referred to the chart below, describing the rise of fake news and the impact this has on how candidates perceive what they read with skepticism.

Moreover, this is also confirmed by research recently published in the Harvard Business Review, stating "that only 19% of the nearly 2,000 global employees we surveyed feel strongly that the work experience their employer promotes publicly is matched by reality". The consequence of this is short-term, regrettable departures; in other words, the most expensive turnover and organization can have.

So, what is the solution? People often recommend having employees be an organization's voice, instead of corporate marketing. While this can help, it doesn't necessarily work if it's online and the identity of the employees can be questioned. Referral remains to be the antidote, as a connection of trust already exists between employees and external candidates. This is why our customers at Checkster expand their referral programs to  include references of candidates, and not only the referrals of existing employees.

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Read HBR article here .