Checkster Blog - What can you expect?


After more than a year of silence, I am back in the blogosphere!

This blog will cover the latest innovations in the world of Talent in a casual tone ;-) It will look at the specific tools organizations use to recognize and grow their workforce, and those that are available for everyone's use. I will of course also give you some news about our company, Checkster.

So, what is Checkster?
Checkster's mission is to provide solutions to individuals and organizations that seek to recognize and grow talent. What does that mean?

As individuals, we all have 24 hours in a day, and it is determined by either obligation or choice how we fill this day with activities. Most of us spend our time at work, which makes the career decision a very important one. To the same extent, most organizations' primary expenses go toward people (through their salaries and related expenses), and they try to ensure that this investment is the best one! What Checkster is providing are solutions to help individuals and organizations choose the right talent for the job, but also to help them grow and improve thereafter.

Thus, if you are in quest of the ideal job, wonder how you can grow to reach new heights in your career, or as a team leader or HR professional, wonder how you can identify the best people for your team and what you can do to help them grow, look no further! You have found a home here. Bookmark me or take the RSS feed!