Are You Using Collective Intelligence for Talent Management?


We wrote an article on ERE (full article here) explaining the concept of collective intelligence for talent management.

Collective intelligence is at the core of what Checkster is doing and can be a very powerful tool, but it can quickly lead one down the wrong path if used improperly.

As many as 15 factors have been identified as having some importance in supporting the integrity of collective intelligence, yet we believe three are crucial for the world of talent identification:

  1. Diversity. Not simply in terms of gender or ethnic background, but also when it comes to diversity of knowledge, experience, personality, cognitive style, etc.
  2. Authenticity. This is understood as the ability for each participant to be free to express his or her real thoughts, and not to be engaged in a hidden agenda or deceptive tactics.
  3. Discernment. Even if you assemble a diverse group that can be authentic, the results will be enhanced if you can improve discernment. In other words, enable participants to discern difference and relevance. This is often achieved by using a framework.