Are you in a Talent-First organization?


The latest article from McKinsey describes what they call an “agenda for the talent-first CEO”.

What we think is innovative is their approach and their recommendation to lead with a group of 3 C levels, or a G-3. It is described as such: G-3 = CEO+CFO+CHRO.

They go on to describe why they choose those 3 roles specifically: “Because deploying financial capital and human capital together is the key to success. People allocation is as powerful as financial allocation,[...] By putting talent and finance on equal footing, the G-3 will change the way and sequence in which critical matters are discussed. ”

And what is on top and critical to the Talent-first CEO talent initiatives?  Recruiting and talent development for the critical talent. What is the “critical” talent? The 2 percent that others have called pivotal roles, the ones creating disproportionate value but who do not necessarily have big titles.

That is where I see their development used more to optimize and retain talent.

Finally, they see that applying agile methodology to HR may be the way to keep the Talent-first approach alive and well!