Are HR jobs about to disappear?


 A study done by Oxford University called “THE FUTURE OF EMPLOYMENT: HOW SUSCEPTIBLE ARE JOBS TO COMPUTERISATION?” lists 702 occupations and ranks them by opportunity of being replaced by AI.  Where does HR stand?

Let's not allow the suspense to last too long here... they are among the 3 HR job titles listed:

Rank        Probability       Title
28. 0.0055 Human Resources Managers
242. 0.31 Human Resources, Training, and Labor Relations Specialists
532. 0.9 Human Resources Assistants


In the study’s conclusion the authors highlight the ways people are susceptible to be displaced: “Our findings thus imply that as technology races ahead, low-skill workers will reallocate to tasks that are non-susceptible to computerisation – i.e., tasks requiring creative and social intelligence. For workers to win the race, however, they will have to acquire creative and social skills.”


For the full study see here.