7 Magnificent Ways to Effectively Manage Your Talent Acquisition Team


As a manager, it is your job to lead your staff through strong communication, clear goals and defined expectations. That’s because increased productivity and efficiency are huge motivating factors in every department -- including HR.Effectively managing your talent acquisition staff can lead to better results, which will ultimately have a resounding downline influence on every aspect of your organization.

So how can you manage your talent acquisition staff to keep them happy, productive and motivated?

  1. Give Them the Tools They Need

    Even the most motivated employees may struggle if they lack access to the tools and resources they need to succeed.

    HR is increasingly competitive and ever-more reliant on the latest technology. Cutting edge tools such as automated reference checks, pre-screening tests and interview debriefing software not only make it easier for your talent acquisition staff to do their jobs well, they also lead to better employee selection and retention.

  2. Offer Constructive Feedback

    Those charged finding top talent may find that their own contributions feel overlooked in favor of rising stars within the company.

    One of the best ways to manage your talent staff is to ensure that you provide them with helpful feedback on how they are doing.

    Online tools allow organizations to gather performance feedback from colleagues and peers which can then be shared with the employee. Such feedback can help identify strengths as well as possible areas that need a little work.

  3. Encourage and Reward Innovation

    One of the most effective ways to deliver this feedback is to reward members of the hiring team for a job well done.

    Transformational leaders allow members of the team to contribute new ideas, and creative ideas are encouraged and rewarded. Incentives, bonuses and other perks can also be used to reward successes.

  4. Clearnly Define Teams and Roles

    The most effective teams know what needs to be done and who needs to do it.

    Within your talent acquisition team, make sure that all of your goals are clearly defined and that each and every member of the team knows exactly who is responsible for each step of the process.

    Once you do that, communicate your mission and make sure that each member of your talent acquisition team feels involved and important.

  5. Share Best Practices and Encourage Collaboration

    Solid collaboration strategies help eliminate time wasted on trial-and-error learning. More knowledgeable members of the team can share their expertise and past experiences while less experienced members can learn while sharing new ideas.

    By effectively sharing best practices, productivity can be dramatically improved.

  6. Provide Plenty of Freedom and Support

    The most effective managers are those who give team members the freedom to do their jobs without being micro-managed.

    This does not mean taking a laissez-faire approach. Instead, it means trusting people to perform tasks but ensuring that they know that you are there to check their progress and to guidance and support.

  7. Provide Opportunities for Professional Development

    The talent acquisition field is as rapidly changing as the job market itself, so continual education is essential to maintain a well-informed and effective talent acquisition team.

    Encourage employees to seek out innovation and consider providing access to online courses, in-house seminars or other online talent checkup tools that will allow employees to gain greater knowledge of their field as well as their strengths.

    Managing your talent acquisition team effectively is critical to the success of your organization.

    Effective leadership can lead to improvement in performance, productivity and retention. When your talent acquisition staff is strong, your organization will achieve better results and higher quality of hire.

    What management strategies do you use to engage and motivate your talent acquisition staff?