3 innovative practices covered at ERE during the ATAP session


ATAP is a new Association of Talent Acquisition Professionals (Checkster supports ATAP) and they presented at ERE a session where they covered innovative practices in TA that they collected during a survey:

  1. Sharing candidates between employers on a local basis.  As we all know, most industries will have way more candidates that apply to our organization that we can handle.  Here, they decided to share the people that they did not shortlist with other organizations.
  2. Hiring individuals who had been unemployed long-term.  After selection and training, it was a great way to get people back to work, as being long term unemployed is very hard.  This would be interesting to see if these individuals are more motivated than traditional new hires.
  3. Implement Agile/scrum model for the TA department.  This includes sourcing, screening, sharing new techniques, and implementing a daily standup.
The target is to accelerate new hires and force, in order to know all parts of the business.

More on ATAP here.