Machines are Already Better at Sourcing Candidates Than Recruiters


This year's ERE show for the recruiting industry was full of sourcing tools that not only search your ATS database, but also social networks and the web.  Some even look at your job descriptions and learn and refine the results of the sourcing as you rank them.  

You may be skeptical. Is it really working? Is it really better than our sourcers?  Well, the response has been proven in an article by Jim Stroud, where he  describes the results of the SourceCon Grandmaster Competition, the equivalent of deep blue against kasparov but for sourcers. The results rank the machine in third place among over 10 of the best sourcers in the world.  The only difference is that the machine did the job in 3.2 seconds while the best sourcer took 25 hours. For me the vast time difference makes the benefits and the winner pretty clear.  

So yes, the machine is better!  

It is paradoxical and brave that the association of people making a living off of it, put themselves out of work!