Warren Buffett’s 3 Criteria for a Good Hire (video)


What do you look for to make a good hire?  How do you know what you should look for or avoid? These are questions we often address with our customers, and are the foundation of any good recruiting initiative.  Warren Buffett’s 3 well known attributes are: Intelligence, Energy and integrity (see video here), and if you don’t have have integrity, the first two attributes will kill your organization. With energy and intelligence alone,you will have a company of smart industrious crooks.  

If you agree with Warren the next question becomes, how do you assess integrity, is there an integrity test?  

Watch the full video here.

Here at Checkster we  assess  integrity in unusual yet very reliable ways. That enables us to give an estimation of the percentage of the general population that do not have integrity. Any guesses on what we’ve found?