The most important decision in life—and in business


I often joke about the fact that after your spouse, the most important decision in life is “how are you going to spend your time.” If you miss just one of these decisions your days or your nights will be miserable…

 For most people, where you spend most your time, is mostly about which job you've decided to do, so the second most important decision in life is: Which job should you be doing?

Conversely, if you speak to most business leaders, one of the most important decisions you make in business is regarding people.  Who to hire and who to promote?

While CEB showed that our success rate on hiring decisions is about 50% and divorce rate is often just as sobering, it is time to build a conceptual framework around these decisions to improve them.  For my part, I am focusing on talent decisions.  That is what excites me: How can we make better talent decisions?  

Any wisdom you have to share? Feel free to speak up in the comments below!