$156M given to improve Quality of Hire!



Believe it or not, classified ads have been around for almost four centuries.* They’ve obviously changed significantly over time from the first ad in a newspaper in 1625, to the online “for sale” items available on just about every app you use today.

And now, thanks to the rise of AI, we are seeing an emergence of the next step in want ads: intelligent classifieds.  

At least that’s what the latest capital raise ($156M) for ZipRecruiter would make us believe.

According to their CEO: “We’re really focused right now on continuing to improve the quality of the matching that our system is making...” As stated in an interview here, they say they are “helping you see jobs you’re likely to get, but what about jobs you aspire to that may not naturally make you a match? In the not too distant future, we will be able to say if you add one more skill all these jobs will become available to you. The nature of the guidance will be very interesting.

We’ve considered already what the near future of what job search could look like with Google, imagine:

You have a slightly frustrating day at work, and need to search for the definition of a term.  You type the keywords into Google, and to the side of your search results, appear ads for jobs that promise a happier or more fulfilling work life. As you click on one, the organization is instantly made aware of your interest, as they know who you are because you have a Google account. And voila, your slight daily frustration just transformed you into an active job seeker.

Or you are stopped in traffic for 40 minutes because of an accident, and an intriguing ad pops up on your car dashboard. It advertises a similar job to your own, but located only 11 minutes away from your home (vs. the 30 minutes you are commuting today). You think for a moment about the fact that you waste over one hour on the road every day and you click to show interest, which immediately sends your information to the job  advertiser and a link to your email for further reading…

I could continue, but you get the picture. We have before us the opportunity to use ever-more-refined query terms or job search criteria (job content, skills used, benefits offered, location… ) to provide better targeted job ads to the right job seeker at the right time. This is just one example of how AI is going to make job seeking and job advertising more meaningful, more exact, more timely, more relevant and simply put: offer a higher quality experience for all.

You can read more about how your organization can respond to the constant temptation of job switching here.

Quality of hire is at the center of the value that TA is delivering and we are thrilled to see how it becomes more central to the discussion as technology and data collection continue to advance.