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The Best Questions & Best Process - Reference Check

A 25-page white paper covering everything you should know about reference checking both online and offline.

We define a successful reference check as one that leads to a quality new hire. A new hire decision is based on accurate background information and valid performance indicators. This report will cover the best process for handling a reference check so that it serves as a valid performance indicator.

This process is comprised of two inseparable parts: a quality process associated with quality questions. We will also cover employment verification questions.

Traditional Process Vs. Best Process
  • How are these processes different?
    • This report will help you understand the drawbacks of traditional reference checks and what you need to change to get the most out of Checkster's critical predictive hiring tool.
  • What is the accuracy of a best process reference check?
    • The key to bringing the reference check accuracy up is to make sure it is made more as a peer rating process than a planted administrative exercise.
  • How can we achieve accuracy while minimizing the workloads?
  • Phone or over the web?
    • Both methods serve different purposes and have different advantages.
Best Reference Check Questions

We will address and give examples here for:

  • Qualifying questions
  • Open-ended questions
  • Net promoter question
  • Attitude questions
  • Specific knowledge and skills questions
  • Employment verification questions
  • Legal remarks on reference checks & employment verifications
Reference Check Best Practice Walk Through

Reference Checkup ROI

Imagine what an increase in productivity would do for your company's financial outlook if new hires were better and turnover was decreased.

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