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Checkster creates a better picture of the candidate

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Isabelle Callebaut, Director Randstad Professionals © Christophe Ketels

How would you rate the overall quality of the candidate’s job performance? If you had the opportunity, would you hire or recommend hiring the candidate again? These are two of the main questions asked on a typical reference check in Checkster, an online tool that automates the reference checking process.

How does Checkster work? First, an HR consultant invites the candidate to Checkster by email. Then, the candidate enters the name and email addresses of two to five references, who will be sent a link to a questionnaire. The consultant will then receive an easy to read report containing all the reference’s feedback in aggregated format.

This digital solution provides time gains for all parties involved. “An interview with a reference easily takes up to 45 minutes”, says Anne Bruinewoud, Digital Adoption Advisor of the Randstad Innovation Fund. “Moreover, the manual way is often frustrating. First of all, it’s a difficult job to get the references on the phone, but when this happens, references often try to make the conversation as short as possible by just giving positive feedback.”

Candidates learn from it as well

“If the referee can fill in the questionnaire at a quiet moment, the answers are way more reliable”, confirms Maïté Gardedieu, consultant at Randstad Professionals. “The questionnaire allows space for nuance, by working with a scale. And thanks to this efficient method, we are able to approach up to five people from different angles: a supervisor, a colleague and a teacher for example. That enriches the candidate's profile.”

Checkster lowers the threshold for references because it’s done digitally and anonymously
Maïté Gardedieu consultant at Randstad Professionals 

Ine, a Belgian Candidate, is super excited about Checkster. "I could track whoever answered, which was really useful. Also, the summary of the references afterwards was thoughtful, a confirmation of how I saw myself as an employee.' 

Digital tool lowers threshold

What is the importance of verifying references in the recruitment process? Anne Bruinewoud points to the cultural differences between countries. "While they are a must in the Anglo-Saxon countries, employers in Europe consider references as a sign of goodwill."

Maïté Gardedieu notes that the threshold is reduced by the Checkster tool. “'The questionnaires are anonymous, because the employer only sees the total score and rating in an aggregated format.”

Better feedback on the candidate

In June 2016, a pilot project was launched in Belgium for HR and ICT. In September, Checkster was rolled out for all positions at Randstad Professionals. Yvoon Dekens and Luc De Bolle, National Business Managers of Randstad Professionals HR and ICT, assisted and implemented the project. "Some legal adjustments were needed, as Belgium is the only country where the candidate needs to give permission for a reference," explains Yvoon Dekens.

Luc De Bolle is satisfied with the first results: “70 percent of the references reply within 3 days. On average we receive 2.3 references per candidate. Furthermore, the quality of feedback is strong: we offer employers an additional, objective image of the candidate.” 

Checkster also reflects Randstad’s Tech & Touch approach, says Yvoon Dekens. "The HR consultant always asks for clarification with a surprising answer. This way we maintain personal contact. That remains indispensable in the search for talent.” 

A faster and better match

“We constantly improve the way we select candidates. Checkster is a great example of that”, says Isabelle Callebaut, Director Randstad Professionals. “The tool supports the candidate in his quest for the right job and gives the employer a full and representative view of the candidate.”

Randstad Professionals presents Checkster proactively to candidates. “That gives them the opportunity to get to know the tool and collect the necessary references in a timely manner. That way, the employer does not have to wait during the recruitment process. That time gain is crucial today”, explains Isabelle Callebaut. “Due to the scarcity in the labor market, some candidates get so many offers that an interested employer has to choose quickly. You don’t want to wait too long for information. Checkster not only provides a better match between candidate and company, the selection process also happens faster.”

Original Article: http://www.tijd.be/r/t/1/id/9903718

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